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2020 has made the idea of travel seem like a dream, just like the fantasies promised on the cover of a garish brochure. Living in the time of covid-19 and being confined to our homes while Space X pushes forward towards the moon, perfectly encapsulates the irony of our times. The distances we now travel make us all feel remote, as we move in feet instead of miles. In a quest for exclusivity and authenticity we take ourselves farther and farther to more absurd lengths to find the least travelled, most coveted destinations. Will that help us recapture some of the magic and mystery of travelling? Without the freedom to go miles, what can be found in each step from the front door to the mailbox? What other mundane spaces full of brush and refuse will reveal hidden corpses of the past? What are the ways we can connect with those in distant places to share in the desire to distance ourselves from ourselves?


TRAVEL AGENCY is the 2020 issue of the Pinsapo Journal, reflecting back on what is perhaps the weirdest year in contemporary history. Just like this year, this journal is rather different from the others, focusing more heavily on visual elements than we have in the past. Alongside the poems, stories, essays and otherwise uncategorizable writings, TRAVEL AGENCY contains maps, drawings, stickers, temporary tattoos and a full-color foldout poster.


Featured writers and artists: Mike Basinski, Suzanne Goldenberg, Ranee Henderson, Tara Homasi, Robert Kocik, Cyrus Leddy, Mary Macdonald, Shaheen Qureshi, Öykü Tekten, Matt Thurber, Matt Tracy, Tanya Zamirovskaya


Guest editors: Sarah Reiter and Ric Royer

Travel Agency | Pinsapo Journal Issue Three

  • Year: 2020

    Dimensions: 5.5"x8.5"

    Pages: 46

    Genre: journal, poetry, essay, visual art

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