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As the inaugural edition of the Kurdish Poetry Series, Selim Temo's Nightlands is translated by Zêdan Xelef & Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse from the Kurmanji, edited by Öykü Tekten, with an introduction by Zêdan Xelef.


Published in bilingual editions, the Kurdish Poetry Series is a first of its kind featuring only contemporary Kurdish poets whose work has never before appeared in English or was published only in a handful of anthologies and journals.




the scarecrow in the sesame


the wind is my soul

my spine a Latin cross

i've sent the birds into sulk

my frayed hat never waves back


i am alone in the sesame

fallow and sown; dead neighbors

no one comes for company

but humming time and my emptiness


night belongs to itself

day to anyone


there is no hiding from fire


Nightlands I Selim Temo

Spring 2024
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