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Mourning Tent ~  pinsapo journal issue one  


Mourning Tent is a response to the paralyzing division of human concerns into two opposing sides. How can we see the gradations between? With the resourcefulness of poetics, is there a way out of the news? For this inaugural issue of Pinsapo journal, we asked our contributors to consider the current state of the world with reference to the question “how do you mourn?”


SELIM TEMO | The Deep Freezer  

SAHAR MURADI  | Mourning Notes  

WILLIAM CAMPONOVO | Our Boyhoods in Baltimore  West Baltimore CVS, 2509 - 2523 Pennsylvania Avenue 

IEMANJÁ BROWN | We are so full with it 

ZAINA ALSOUS | Portrait of Spatial Growth 


HALEH KHOJASTEH  | Self Portrait 

IRIS CUSHING | Domestic Violences

ARIEL ABRAHAMS | Dropped Acid on the Couch and  Cried When My Grandfather Died

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